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January and Plans

January is definitely the worst month. It’s cold, it’s miserable and in my case there is no snow. The ideal month to be getting on with things for a model horse yard. You’d think. I can guarantee that it is quite the opposite. I have so much that I want to do but every time I think of starting something I just say  ‘nah, I’ll do another time’  So instead I ”Plan” to do all these projects. Now that I have started a blog, I am also going to start doing the things that I think of. So Number One Project is to make a load of decent rugs.

Something a bit like this:

images And not like this:  il_340x270.704228710_fs9w

These are not my pictures I just found them on the internet 🙂 Some of my less brilliant rugs look like the one in the second picture though. So anyway that is my project number one and the next time I post hopefully I will have at least one rug to show you 🙂


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