Horsey pictures

Good day. I have a hobby of finding pictures on the internet and then totally changing them, creating new and sometimes beautiful pictures. I have decided that I will share these on this here blog so that the whole world can see them. Although I am sure that the whole world wont be looking 🙂  I will post one new picture every week maybe every two 😀 If you absolutely have to have one then please don’t just copy and paste. I am willing to make them for free to custom design as long as they aren’t crazily complex. Just use the contact form on the About/Contact page. Here are some of my latest’s to get you interested:

foggy-night-in-the-forest-3436 the_secret_forest_by_nelleke-d6c2asq copy

arabian-horses copy tumblr_lt0ch05W4l1r3hbfao1_500 copy

Horse-Art Horse_face__by_fridaphotos copy

Also I am sad to inform you that I am going to have to go back to the boring black text and stop my colourfull posts as I will soon run out of good colours 🙂


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