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New Project

Ok so in January I said I had a project of making some rugs. Well that kinda flopped. But now I have been making up for it. You have seen the two halters I made the other day and since then I have made another Arabian halter and a wash stall complete with shelf, tie ups and hose. But now I have started another project.

To make a Lunging Roller.

It’s made of blue leather and bronze jump-rings. And of course it’s Schleich scale.

I have managed to make the top half except for two D-rings. Now all that needs doing is the bottom and the buckles. ”Groan”. I hate making buckles! Here are some pictures of that and some other stuff I made today. Sorry about the terrible quality photos. Electric light is not the best.

Lunging Roller:

On the Horse                                                                    Flat


Other stuff

Pale Pink Headcollar and Leadrope Off                       Old Rose Headcollar and Leadrope Off

DSCF3826 DSCF3825

Pale Pink Headcollar and Leadrope On                      Old Rose Headcollar and Leadrope On


Fly Fringe Off (I didn’t make head collar)                     Fly Fringe On (I didn’t make head collar)

DSCF3823 DSCF3824


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