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A great big post made up of lots of little posts.

Ok hello! So as you may have gathered this is a rather long post. Lets get straight to it. Here are some pictures of the wash stall and Arabian halter I mentioned in a recent post and a rug I’ve made for Frost:

I am going away on friday and needed something to take my horses in and something to put all my tack in so I got to work and made these:

Transport-Box-Closed Transport-Box-Open Transport-Box-Horses

The tack box needs some more work on it inside and out.

I also have finished my lunging roller and it now looks like this:

Rather pleased with that 🙂 Sorry I am being so quick with my sentences, it’s because I am being timed.

I have lately been rather into customising. I had a pair of the lovely Schleich Pinto Mare so I decided to give my rather beat up one a bit of a makeover.



The Custom is nowhere near being finished but when she is I promise to post.

Now last of all I have decided to start a series of Photo Story’s made up of models. And here is the first one.

Gate crasher.

One gloomy day several mares and foals gathered together in the forest.


Among them was a little foal called Bonny. She was a Shetland and so she was quite small compared to the other foals there. While the mothers all chatted together the three larger foals all ganged up on poor little Bonny.



Suddenly a scary black stallion appeared charging down a nearby hill.


The foals all scattered, terrified that Thunder the stallion would crush them under his powerful hooves.


Mares and foals ran everywhere as Thunder reared up into the air.

DSCF3957 DSCF3960

Thunder winnied and reared as the mares hurried their foals to safety.

DSCF3961 DSCF3962DSCF3963

But all Thunder really wanted was to join in the fun!

Hope you enjoyed!


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