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Another model horse photo story.

Morning! Sorry about yesterday’s post, I only had so much time before dinner. This is a slightly more relaxed post 🙂 And like the title says I have another story already! Here goes.

Mud Wallow-er

One sunny morning Dreamer the Hanoverian mare decided to go for a drink at the field’s nearby pond. However, on getting there, she found that it had turned into a rather muddy swamp. This didn’t stop her though. She made her way down the slippery bank, down to the water’s edge.

Once there she plunged into the muddy water wallowing in the sludge.

Dreamer managed to coat herself in mud in a matter of seconds. It wasn’t long till the sun dried it all though.

She clambered out and looked back. all that could be seen of her fun was some small holes where her hooves had sunk into the mud.


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