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Hello everyone!! Phew. I am exhausted after my holiday. Which by the way was full of me buying or being bought things. I got a load of new clothes and new craft stuff that I just can’t wait to use. Also I took Tiny Horse Talk’s advise and bought the Shcleich Fjord Mare. As well as the Shcleich Fjord Stallion and the Shcleich Fjord Foal. I mean how couldn’t I when they where on a 50% off sale!!??  This makes me very happy. Last year I only got four Schleich horses and I felt terrible. Any way here is a family photo of my lovely shiny new ponies.

Awww. Family photo!

I am so glad that I now have the whole Fjord family!

Look at this guy.

Jazzy copy

Their names are:

Stallion – All That Jazz – Jazz

Mare –  ? – Erika

Foal/Filly –  Honeysuckle – Honey

Feel free to comment any ideas for Erika’s show name!


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