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The Great Easter Egg and Bunny Hunt

Hello everyone who looks at this blog!! As a special Easter thing I decided to host A Great Easter Egg and Bunny Hunt and also to put up some Eastery pictures. (sorry there is nothing horsey XD)

The Hunt

How to play:

Look at the picture below (click on it to make it bigger)

Count how many Eggs and Lindt Bunnys you can see

Post in the comments what you think is the right amount. Be specific though! Make sure you say how many Eggs there are and how many Bunnys there are. Not how many Eggs and Bunnys there are together.

The first ten people to get it completely right win something. But I’m not saying what!

The great easter egg hunt picture

Celebratory Pictures

Easter Picture

stock-footage-zoom-of-cornucopia-basket-with-bunch-of-pink-tulips-and-easter-eggsLindt_häschenkorb_contentHappy-Easter-Wishes-7images (2)

That first one is made by me! No 2 is slightly meaningful to anyone who has read The Hunger Games trilogy.

Happy Easter everyone!!!


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