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Long Time No Post

Hi every one! Unfortunatly I am a bit down in the dumps at the moment due to illness. Again. I have’nt had a chance to post much lately and am probably not going to soon.

I was looking at the Breyer website and saw this:

Breyer Zodiac Collection

I don’t actually know if I like them much. Here are the individual pictures.

For a start they are glossy which I’m not to keen on, and they are on all the classic moulds which I really don’t like. With the exception of the American Quarter Horse Stallion Mould and the Gemini Mould. What do you think of them?

Comment your answers below!


3 thoughts on “Long Time No Post”

  1. Sorry Mina, but I think you feel it anyhow. It’s Kitch in its best example, apart from that, they’re quite ugly, to my eyes anyway.Love Grandma xxxxxxxx


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