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Long Time No Post / lots and lots of stuff!

Bonjour my rabid readers! I am back!.

Sorry about the continued Silence. I have been extremely busy and also had nothing to blog about. But now there is plenty!!

Firstly. Hello! I am back and hope to be back for good and never abandon you guys again.

Secondly. I might (MIGHT) be going to start riding lessons again! Woohooo! There is this place nearby: Nafferton Park Farm Ltd – The New Home Of Western Riding. They provide riding lessons based on the principles of Western Riding and Natural Horsemanship. Here is the link to their website:

Or I’ll have to find somewhere else. 😦

Thirdly. I have a new Schleich!!! I was away a few days ago and Jake bought me one in payment. (Long Story)

Enter the Camargue Foal!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


DSC01820 DSC01822

He needs naming so PLEASE HELP!! He’ll be going up in the gallery so comment name ideas up there.

And last but not least! I am proud to present, My first pedigree horse:

Ashia Summer Dawn
Haflinger/QH cross
(Ashka X Topsails Copper Cowboy)
Owned by: Bluebell Wood Equestrian

Full Veiw
Full View

She is also in the gallery now.

So yeah! Lots of news. Well I got to go now but hopefully I’ll have new post soon.


Minki ♥


2 thoughts on “Long Time No Post / lots and lots of stuff!”

  1. Wow, your foal has really dark legs and tail. He’s a proper bay, isn’t he? Mine is more of a liver chestnut, with dark brown legs and tail.
    Since his parents are Ice and Frost, maybe he should have a snowy name too? The star on his head looks like a snowflake, so maybe Snowflake would be a cute name for him? Other ideas:
    Black Ice – Blackie, Icey, Icicle
    Hailstone – Rocky
    Snowbird – Birdy, Snow, Snowy
    Snowgrass – Snowy
    Snowdrift – Drift, Drifter
    Snowstorm – Storm, Stormy

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