Past Equine Shows

Looking back on my life I have actually been to a lot of horse related shows.

In 2005 mum and dad took me to Spain to the Fundacion Real Escuela Andaluza Arte Ecuestre wich translates to Foundation Royal Andalusian Equestrian Art School.

We got to wander around the stables and we watched the horses training in the arena.

images (1)images (7)images (6)

In July the same year my mum and dad took me to see SPIRIT OF THE HORSE, A New Dawn… in Aberdeen.

I loved it. I used to pretend that my hobby horses and I where in the show and I would force my parents and their friends to sit and watch me tame a unicorn.

download (2)7afa9fd91711bde220be57eddf895255066b3c07images (3)download (1)

Then in 2011 mum took me to the Horse Of The Year Show (HOYS) for my birthday.

We went the day before and then on my actual birthday my showjumping idol Pippa Funnel won!!! I was over the moon.

imagespippa-funneldownload (4)

In 2013 my friend HorseGirlStars and I went tho the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo.

HorseGirlStars mum drove us down to Newmarket and each day dropped us off at the stud.  We did have to camp but to be honest that was quite enjoyable. We also went on a tour of the stud farm while we where there.

download (3)images

I’m the first along on the fifth row up in the white top. HorseGirlStars is the one next to me with long dark hair.


images (5)
I actually met this horse
images (4)
I actually met this horse

And then last year HorseGirlStars and her mum very kindly took me along to see the Spanish Horses Of Vienna performing in Sheffield Motorpoint Arena.

Carl Hester (my dressage idol) gave a talk on a couple of dressage moves!!!

images (2)images (1)download

So I guess that so far I have been a very luck person. I want to thank all of those that made this possible, officials and family and friends. Thankyou all!


4 thoughts on “Past Equine Shows”

  1. Wow! They all look great. What are you all doing in the one with you and HorseGirlStars on a lecture-seat-thing?


    1. We where making something. I’m not sure what but we where either making a saddle, necklace or painting a model. But I don’t know which.


  2. Hallo Minki nice to see a post about your horse-related past!I still got my eye out for those Dutch manufactured models too!

    Liked by 1 person

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