2016 Project

Hello Everybody!!!

Sorry for being absent for a while, I came down with a really bad fever after my last post and I haven’t fully recovered even now. But I am well enough to do a little post!

So my mum is an artist and she has been commissioned to make a life size model of a cat.

She is making it with an armature (a frame made of metal) and then sculpting the clay around the metal frame.

And she thought I might like to have a go too. And of course I said I wanted to make a horse. Surprise, surprise.

Today was spent creating diagrams of the bones in a horse’s skeleton and working out the correct measurements to fit the size I want to make my model. Which is kind of big.


There are the diagrams without measurements.


And there are the ones with measurements.

That was fun and my mum says that it is important to understand what is going on inside the horse to show realistic movement.

So yeah! I am going to continue posting updates on what is happening. Tomorrow we are going to make the armature.


Minki ♥


6 thoughts on “2016 Project”

    1. Thanks! I am slowly feeling better each day. It’s a lot of fun but it is also slightly frustrating when the wire wont do as you say XD And there is quite a bit of maths involved. :[


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