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All Things Shire


Remember these guys?

And how I managed to choose the wrong foal? Well. It has been a long time since I had to post about a new horse. Or in that case, horses 🙂

But that time has come again and I will now introduce you to the correct foal this time…. Frodo!


And I just noticed that he still has his tag on. Oh well!!! Not something I usually do but never mind. He is soooo cute although the blanket trim on his back is a bit weird.

Also I don’t believe (correct me if I’m wrong) I ever posted about this guy:

That’s Gandalf. I’m not entirely sure when I got him but it was some time recently. I think.

And I finally have a name for this lovely lady:



Hurray! They all have names and the family is reunited!


They do need shownames so my question for you is this. What beautiful name can each of them have as a showname?


Minki ♥


2 thoughts on “All Things Shire”

  1. What lovely horses 😊 I think the ‘blanket trim’ on Frodo is meant to be his baby coat shedding out.
    Ideas for show names:
    For Gandalf, how about ‘Gandalf the Black’ or maybe ‘Mighty Wizard’?
    Galadriel’s show name could be ‘Elfen Beauty’?
    And maybe Frodo’s could be ‘Hobbit’s Quest’, ‘Hobbit’s Dagger’ or ‘One Ring’?

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