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My Christmas Film List

Hello everyone!

Happy December!!! I can’t believe it’s only 9 days till Christmas!!!! Squeee! Today I am going to be sharing my Christmas movie list.

I made this post last week but spent the past eight days since 
feeling crap because I rushed it and wasn't happy with it. 
So! Here it is again but better!

My mum actually dislikes anything Christmasy anytime before the 24th really but I like being festive in advance.

So! Here are the films I want to watch before, during and after Christmas 🙂

The films that Mum and I watch every year no question are:

Deck The Halls is usually my decision and mum usually moans but puts up with it.

I also love:


And this year for the first time I watched Elf! I actually quite liked it which is a suprise as I thought it would be rubbish and annoying.



There are quite a few more that I want to watch but those are the top ones. I’d love to see The Chronicles of Narnia again. LOVE that film.

Anyway guys, I hope you enjoyed this rather short, boring post but in all honesty I ran out of time and was out of ideas 🙂

See ya all next Saturday!!



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