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Hello Everyone!!!

Can you believe that it’s Christmas day in just two and a half hours!!?? I can’t!

I am so excited for Christmas as usual and I wanted to do a bit of a crazy mash-up post today. I’m gonna be stealing some of Tabi’s ideas from her 24 Unique Blogmas Post Ideas post. (Sorry Tabi, your ideas are just so good. And I’m lazy ;D)

Just a quick question before I start the post, would anyone be 
interested to see a Christmas 2017 Haul post???

Right! On with this mash-up!

December Favourites

So! The first thing I want to talk about is actually my own idea and that is my December Favourites. I have seen a lot of bloggers doing favourites post as well as YouTubers and I decided that I have been really loving a couple of things recently that I would give it a go.

  1. Stranger Things. Oh my word I am O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. I started watching season one at the start of November (yes I know, it came out last year, where have I been?) and I finished season two on Wednesday night. I love it so much can I just say… Mileven forever.strangerthings1
  2. Wattpad. So, I downloaded Wattpad onto my phone a few months ago but I’ve only really just gotten into it, mainly because of  ST fan fictions but yeah. It’s a really great app if your like me and love reading fan fiction about your favourite shows, movies, books or people. 15400344_717323651779348_2978162317320400761_n
  3. Christmas lights. Obviously. I love going out after dark at the moment because of all the lights. It’s so beautiful :3 christmas-lights-17
  4. Farinata. Ok so weird thing to include but this is so random so… My mum has recently started to make farinatas and oh my goodness I really love them. Their just like, gooy but crisp on the outside and just so bloomin’ good! farinata-new-3
  5. Battered Haggis. Again, more food. There is a fish and chip shop in town that does battered haggis with chips and it is heaven. Like, the best food I ever did taste.deep-fried-haggis-and-chips-delicious

So, ok. I know that really isn’t many things but I just needed to get that off my chest to someone. What are you loving this month? Any of the above?

Festive Moodboard

Right! The next thing I’m gonna do is copy Tabi and share a festive mood board because who doesn’t love a combination of aesthetically pleasing pictures.

Mood Board

Things I Want To Do In 2018

  • Go and see the Harry Potter exhibition in the British Library, London. (I am actually doing this. ‘o’)
  • Pass my exams.
  • Start another blog.
  • Get back into my models.
  • Redecorate my room.
  • Spend more time with my friends.
  • Face my fears. Well. One of them. Maybe.
  • Be happier.
  • Do blogmas.
  • Collab with more people!
  • Give my blog a little makeover.
  • Come into possession of a FujiFilm Instax Minni 9 Polaroid Camera.
  • Come into possession of a good photography camera.
  • Shoot a film that I’m trying to write. (this might move to the year after if I don’t get a move on)
  • Keep Blogging!

What do you guys want to do in 2018?

What I‘m Doing, Christmas Day.

Ok so as some of you (or all of you, I dunno) may know, I volunteer regularly with the RDA. however that is not the only volunteer work that I do.

Last year my mum made a discovery and found that every Christmas a local charity hosts a large Christmas dinner for elderly people and people with no-one to spend Christmas with to go and socialize, eat dinner and watch a movie afterwards.

We went and it was so much fun and a lovely experience so we decided to go again this year. I’m going to be  decorating baskets of fruit in the morning and then serving people! I’m really excited, especially seeing as the volunteers get a Christmas dinner as well 🙂

So! I hope you all enjoyed this rather random, messy, crazy post and I wish you all

A Very Merry


Have a wonderful day and I will see ya all next week!

Merry Christmas!




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