Happy Birthday StableStoreys!

Wow. I can’t believe that I managed to maintain a blog for a whole year! I am so thankful to my followers, family, and friends for all supporting me in this and for regularly checking my blog out. |Although there is a friend who could maybe pay a little more attention to their emails… You know who you are ;)|

Happy Birthday!.jpg

I of course intend for my blog to continue for several more years, hopefully till I am an adult! But even if it doesn’t I want you guys to know that I love you and am so grateful to you all.


Minki ♥


Long Time No Post / lots and lots of stuff!

Bonjour my rabid readers! I am back!.

Sorry about the continued Silence. I have been extremely busy and also had nothing to blog about. But now there is plenty!!

Firstly. Hello! I am back and hope to be back for good and never abandon you guys again.

Secondly. I might (MIGHT) be going to start riding lessons again! Woohooo! There is this place nearby: Nafferton Park Farm Ltd – The New Home Of Western Riding. They provide riding lessons based on the principles of Western Riding and Natural Horsemanship. Here is the link to their website:


Or I’ll have to find somewhere else. 😦

Thirdly. I have a new Schleich!!! I was away a few days ago and Jake bought me one in payment. (Long Story)

Enter the Camargue Foal!

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DSC01820 DSC01822

He needs naming so PLEASE HELP!! He’ll be going up in the gallery so comment name ideas up there.

And last but not least! I am proud to present, My first pedigree horse:

Ashia Summer Dawn
Haflinger/QH cross
(Ashka X Topsails Copper Cowboy)
Owned by: Bluebell Wood Equestrian

Full Veiw
Full View

She is also in the gallery now.

So yeah! Lots of news. Well I got to go now but hopefully I’ll have new post soon.


Minki ♥

Long Time No Post

Hi every one! Unfortunatly I am a bit down in the dumps at the moment due to illness. Again. I have’nt had a chance to post much lately and am probably not going to soon.

I was looking at the Breyer website and saw this:

Breyer Zodiac Collection

I don’t actually know if I like them much. Here are the individual pictures.

For a start they are glossy which I’m not to keen on, and they are on all the classic moulds which I really don’t like. With the exception of the American Quarter Horse Stallion Mould and the Gemini Mould. What do you think of them?

Comment your answers below!