My Christmas Barn Tour Special

Well hello everybody! This is an exciting post. Today I am posting a video of my barn this month as it is all Christmasy. The usual monthly barn tour but with a Christmasy touch. Enjoy!



Sorry there’s not much writing, I’m not at home so don’t really have the time to sit and type for ages 😦

Anyway I hope you enjoed and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Love ya!

Merry Christmas!!!




Some New Ponys

Hello Everybody!

Now I have been very bad and let my collection of horses grow. That parts fine. The bad part is that I haven’t shown any of them to you guys!

I have three new models and one of them is from my birthday which was at the beginning of October. The other two are from November. So yeah. Sorry about that :/

But I suppose it means that now I can do a great big blog post. YAY!!!! 😀

Here is a video introducing the two November ones. After Christmas I promise I will do one with the October pony in it.


A Very Awkward Post. Also A Very Festive Post.

Hi everybody. I’m um, well, um, I’m really sorry about, well, umm, you know. Not blogging for over a month. :/ I kind of got a bit busy with other stuff.


But anyway!!! I’m back now and it’s Christmas and I need to do Christmas stuff for you so here is a little video of me decorating a tree.


So yeah. I hope you enjoyed that, That it put you in the christmas mood if you aren’t already and that maybe it was helpful to any of you needing to decorate a tree for your yard.


Minki ♥