Slightly Different

Slightly Different

Hello Everybody!

Today’s post is slightly different.

I was looking through Pinterest  when I found something amazing.

I love miniatures and also architecture. So miniature houses really excite me.

And this really really really excited me:

Modern House 2 by Jim Magni and Joan Behnke

It’s so amazing!!! ☼.☼ (。♥‿♥。)

I want it so bad!

I don’t think i have ever mentioned this before but I love to watch MyFroggyStuff on YouTube.

Her minitures are amazing and I have made some great stuff under her instruction.

towaco5oh recently shared a post with a couple of videos in it.

The channel thay came from is: The Square to Spare. There are some really good crafts on there that I may have to have a look at following.

This is my fave that I’ve looked at so far. I also love the below one.

Anyways sorry for the short post. I don’t have much time on my hands.


Minki ♥


Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

So as promised last week this post is all about my current volunteer job with the RDA.

At RDA, our horses and ponies provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to people with disabilities all over the UK.

Our network of 500 volunteer groups organise activities such as riding, carriage driving, vaulting, show jumping and Hippotherapy to up to 28,000 people each year.

We have been carrying out our life-changing activities for over 40 years, and take great pride in the exceptional standard of our instructors and volunteers (18,000 in all).

We offer activities for all age groups and, wherever possible, to people with any disability – and you’re just as likely to find an RDA Group in an urban setting as a rural one.

We rely on voluntary help, donations and legacies to deliver our services.

Taken from the RDA website > RDA

I started volunteer work with a local RDA group last summer and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

My group teaches and provides therapy for a class of disabled kids every Monday morning.

I do have to get up at seven every Monday morning but it’s worth it. I get there at about half nine and if needed, groom and tack one of the four ponies.

Then I walk one of the ponies around to warm them up and then line up with the others at half ten when the bus arrives. I then proceed to walk alongside my chosen pony holding on to a child’s leg and ankle and helping them learn how to control a pony.

It sounds incredibly dull when you say it like that but it is actually a really rewarding and satisfactory thing to see the children learning and enjoying themselves. Sometimes it can be hard or annoying because some of the kids are more challenging than others. But it’s always worth it.

As I said in my last post it also helps me a little.

I am so glad that my mum found the RDA last year and that they took me on.

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Minki ♥


A Serious Post

A Serious Post

Hey everyone.

I don’t normally blog about my feelings and emotions unless it’s related to a new model, a thing I have or such the like. And when I do, those feelings and emotions are pretty much always good.

But I am human and I do have days when I just want to curl up in a ball and block out the whole world.

Blogging is one of the things that really makes me happy. I love it. It’s like it’s almost therapeutic for me.

Also crafting can make me feel great but sometimes, if I do too much then I can get really down and start thinking about the pointlessness of life, why do I exist, how we’re all going to die eventually and then I just sink in to a black hole and can’t come out until my mum gets so fed up, we end up having an argument and then I tell her my feelings and  she makes it all better.

sorry if I just ruined your day

Another thing that really gets me down is seeing other people riding. Which is inescapable where we live.

It makes me jealous of the rider cause I’m not them and I wish I was, it makes me question my love of horses cause ”if loving horses so much when I can’t interact with them causes me so much pain then whats the point?” and it makes me fall down another black hole where I wish my life was that of an incredibly rich person who could pretty much have everything they ever wanted i.e. a stable full of horses, a mansion, a walk in wardrobe, a… You get the picture.

Something that really helps my lack of horses slump is my volunteer job with the RDA.

I’ve never written about this before although I have meant to and I have now decided that next weeks post will be about that.

Anyways… My volunteer job basically has me next to a horse/pony for around two hours a week. Sure it’s not riding but it still helps.

And the last thing that gets me down is my lack of friends. I have a grand total of three close friends and then two other friends. I am a social person although I pretend not to be. I need to be surrounded by people to be perfectly happy and living where I do and not going to school makes that quite hard.

The friends that I do have are brilliant and I love them all but for me five friends that I either never see or see not very often is just not enough for me to thrive.

I do have my ”online friends” as well of course but even they are few. They are great! But few.

Anywaysss I’m sorry this post has been so dreary but I never really let this stuff out and I kinda cracked today.

I’m not using this as a plea for sympathy or friendship, I just… I guess I just wanted you all to know that I’m not perfect and if I don’t post on a saturday, sometimes it’s because I haven’t been able to find the motivation or the confidence to. Or sometimes it’s because I just havn’t been bothered cause I feel crap.

Again sorry for the long dreary post, I promise next week’s will be happier.If you’ve read all the way through, thankyou 🙂


Minki ♥


Heyho Here We Go

Well. Hello!
Recently, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have not been around. I have been taking a break from the internet due to stuff. But I am back now and I promise you that this blog is going to continue as it was. I promise.

My last post was of the model horse I was/am making. I am still making it just not right now. So. Um. Yeah. I’m not procrastinating at all! 

Anyways…….. Loads of stuff is happening this month so I don’t know how often I will post. Also I dunno if there will actually be anything to post about. I haven’t got any new models for so long now!!!

Minki ♥

Happy Birthday StableStoreys!

Wow. I can’t believe that I managed to maintain a blog for a whole year! I am so thankful to my followers, family, and friends for all supporting me in this and for regularly checking my blog out. |Although there is a friend who could maybe pay a little more attention to their emails… You know who you are ;)|

Happy Birthday!.jpg

I of course intend for my blog to continue for several more years, hopefully till I am an adult! But even if it doesn’t I want you guys to know that I love you and am so grateful to you all.


Minki ♥

Long Time No Post / lots and lots of stuff!

Bonjour my rabid readers! I am back!.

Sorry about the continued Silence. I have been extremely busy and also had nothing to blog about. But now there is plenty!!

Firstly. Hello! I am back and hope to be back for good and never abandon you guys again.

Secondly. I might (MIGHT) be going to start riding lessons again! Woohooo! There is this place nearby: Nafferton Park Farm Ltd – The New Home Of Western Riding. They provide riding lessons based on the principles of Western Riding and Natural Horsemanship. Here is the link to their website:

Or I’ll have to find somewhere else. 😦

Thirdly. I have a new Schleich!!! I was away a few days ago and Jake bought me one in payment. (Long Story)

Enter the Camargue Foal!

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DSC01820 DSC01822

He needs naming so PLEASE HELP!! He’ll be going up in the gallery so comment name ideas up there.

And last but not least! I am proud to present, My first pedigree horse:

Ashia Summer Dawn
Haflinger/QH cross
(Ashka X Topsails Copper Cowboy)
Owned by: Bluebell Wood Equestrian



Full Veiw

Full View

She is also in the gallery now.

So yeah! Lots of news. Well I got to go now but hopefully I’ll have new post soon.


Minki ♥


Hello! I have now improved very slightly in my health but I’m not altogether well again. Now, the purpose of this post: I have a subscription to a magazine called AQUILA (brilliant mag by the way). I got this month’s issue this morning and guess what the topic was. Horses! I was very pleased and spent the next half hour poring over it. I have, today discovered, thanks to this wonderful magazine, that horses were not discovered by Man till only 6,000 years ago. And also that George Stubbs’s (the very famous painter) most famous painting of a horse was titled ‘Whistlejacket’

So beautiful!

So beautiful!

So anyway I just thought I would share this most interesting discovery and and then say…