Tack Time!

So lately I have been very slack and not made any tack for ages… I thought seeing as it’s sunny weather, I should take some photos and inspire myself.



A great big post made up of lots of little posts.

Ok hello! So as you may have gathered this is a rather long post. Lets get straight to it. Here are some pictures of the wash stall and Arabian halter I mentioned in a recent post and a rug I’ve made for Frost:

I am going away on friday and needed something to take my horses in and something to put all my tack in so I got to work and made these:

Transport-Box-Closed Transport-Box-Open Transport-Box-Horses

The tack box needs some more work on it inside and out.

I also have finished my lunging roller and it now looks like this:

Rather pleased with that 🙂 Sorry I am being so quick with my sentences, it’s because I am being timed.

I have lately been rather into customising. I had a pair of the lovely Schleich Pinto Mare so I decided to give my rather beat up one a bit of a makeover.



The Custom is nowhere near being finished but when she is I promise to post.

Now last of all I have decided to start a series of Photo Story’s made up of models. And here is the first one.

Gate crasher.

One gloomy day several mares and foals gathered together in the forest.


Among them was a little foal called Bonny. She was a Shetland and so she was quite small compared to the other foals there. While the mothers all chatted together the three larger foals all ganged up on poor little Bonny.



Suddenly a scary black stallion appeared charging down a nearby hill.


The foals all scattered, terrified that Thunder the stallion would crush them under his powerful hooves.


Mares and foals ran everywhere as Thunder reared up into the air.

DSCF3957 DSCF3960

Thunder winnied and reared as the mares hurried their foals to safety.

DSCF3961 DSCF3962DSCF3963

But all Thunder really wanted was to join in the fun!

Hope you enjoyed!

New Project

Ok so in January I said I had a project of making some rugs. Well that kinda flopped. But now I have been making up for it. You have seen the two halters I made the other day and since then I have made another Arabian halter and a wash stall complete with shelf, tie ups and hose. But now I have started another project.

To make a Lunging Roller.

It’s made of blue leather and bronze jump-rings. And of course it’s Schleich scale.

I have managed to make the top half except for two D-rings. Now all that needs doing is the bottom and the buckles. ”Groan”. I hate making buckles! Here are some pictures of that and some other stuff I made today. Sorry about the terrible quality photos. Electric light is not the best.

Lunging Roller:

On the Horse                                                                    Flat


Other stuff

Pale Pink Headcollar and Leadrope Off                       Old Rose Headcollar and Leadrope Off

DSCF3826 DSCF3825

Pale Pink Headcollar and Leadrope On                      Old Rose Headcollar and Leadrope On


Fly Fringe Off (I didn’t make head collar)                     Fly Fringe On (I didn’t make head collar)

DSCF3823 DSCF3824

New produce

Oooooo!! I’m so clever!

Sorry 😛


Yes. So. Yesterday I was looking if there were any online tutorials on how to make a Schleich scaled Arabian halter and I found one on You Tube by Lizbob97. She is very good you should defo have a look if interested. And so this was the out come.


Also the other day I made this:

I didn’t make the lead rope. That was made by Horsegirlstars.

Model horse Numnah/Saddle Pad tutorial

How to make a Numnah/Saddle Pad.

Note: This numnah/Saddle Pad is scaled to Schleich models.

You will need
A cotton cloth such as muslin or such the like. DON’T USE JERSEY!
A slightly furry fabric such as Chenille or Velvet.
A glue gun.
A meter of cord, wool or ribbon
A good black pen
A template
Skillful fingers


Step one


Get your template and draw around it on your cotton cloth on the side that you don’t want visible. Then cut it out. Do the same on the furry fabric.


Step Two

Making sure you put the two drawn on sides together and use the glue gun the stick the pieces together at the edge. You should now have one saddle-shaped piece of fabric withe different sides. Check that there are no holes where you might have missed withe glue gun.


Step Three

Take your cord, wool or ribbon and using the glue gun lay it around the edge of the numnah. make sure that is visible from the furry side but don’t put the glue on that side. When you reach the end trim it and put a dab of glue on both ends to seal them.

DSCF2873 DSCF2874 DSCF2875 DSCF2876 DSCF2878 DSCF2877

Step Four

Make sure it fits under the saddle on your horse. You can make as many as you want. Why not try different patterns on the furry fabric? Just keep the patterns to the right scale. Otherwise you’ll get a numnah with stripes bigger than your horse 😉




A Crazy Model Horse Themed Craft Spree

Right. As you may have guessed by the title of this post I have gone model horse crafting mad. Slightly. I have made:

  • 1 Numnah
  • 1 Rug
  • 2 Headcollars
  • 1 Feed Bag
  • 1 Lead Rope
  • 1 Trug
  • 1 Winners Ribbon

They are all pretty small things but the numnah, feed bag and lead rope were quite complex.

The rug sort of replaced the rugs I was supposed to be making for my project although I have the first part of each rug. The new rug and the first head collar go very well together

DSCF2071 DSCF2072

The second Head collar was made at the Utterly Horses Hullabaloo 2013 but it needed some fixing. So yeah. I’ve been busy XD

January and Plans

January is definitely the worst month. It’s cold, it’s miserable and in my case there is no snow. The ideal month to be getting on with things for a model horse yard. You’d think. I can guarantee that it is quite the opposite. I have so much that I want to do but every time I think of starting something I just say  ‘nah, I’ll do another time’  So instead I ”Plan” to do all these projects. Now that I have started a blog, I am also going to start doing the things that I think of. So Number One Project is to make a load of decent rugs.

Something a bit like this:

images And not like this:  il_340x270.704228710_fs9w

These are not my pictures I just found them on the internet 🙂 Some of my less brilliant rugs look like the one in the second picture though. So anyway that is my project number one and the next time I post hopefully I will have at least one rug to show you 🙂