Ponies, Pebbles & Perfection


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Happy Saturday everyone!

Quick Question: What kind of content would you guys like to see here?

So yesterday was a lovely day and as they have been rare recently, I dashed out for a model photoshoot.

wp_20170224_09_42_43_prowp_20170224_09_47_02_prowp_20170224_09_53_57_prowp_20170224_09_53_07_proI think the above is my favourite.wp_20170224_09_49_41_prowp_20170224_09_48_08_pro

Which ones do you like best?

I’ve got some more which I’ll put up next week 🙂


Minki ♥

Copperfox 10 Day Challenge Day One

Ok so once again I’m sorry. I cant quite belive it’s been 4 months since I last posted. 4!               So much has been happening and I have to post about a lot of it. In August I had guests over for a week, I was ill and I went to my friend Elva’s for three nights to film a short movie she’s written.                                                                                                                                                           But now to the post!

So I know this was done and dusted 8 months ago but I only just found out about it. In my usual late way. And I’ve decided to have a go. So here we go. StableStoreys takes on the Copper Fox 10 Day Challenge.

Day One ~ Inspiration day.

I get inspiration from many places.

Desktop Stables was one of the first model horse blogs I ever looked at. Nichelle’s stuff looked so amazing and it still does that I really wanted to try my own. My tack will never compare to hers but I hope that one day my standard will rise a little closer to Nichelle’s.

Tiny Horse Talk is another blog that really helped start me off. FillieFanatic’s little dolls house had me in fits when I first saw it.

I also get a lot of inspiration for my riding from real horses and real life riders. I have quite a few idols in the equine world. Carl Hester, Pippa Funnel and Mary King to name a few.

And as much as I may hate to admit it, I get inspiration from my mum. I get most of my inspiration to experiment and to make stuff from her. So thanks Mum 🙂

And some of the customs you see on google just blow me away. Like these for instance:


Credit to owners. Your work is amazing!

So um yeah. Also these pictures. Just wow.


All Things Shire


Remember these guys?

And how I managed to choose the wrong foal? Well. It has been a long time since I had to post about a new horse. Or in that case, horses 🙂

But that time has come again and I will now introduce you to the correct foal this time…. Frodo!


And I just noticed that he still has his tag on. Oh well!!! Not something I usually do but never mind. He is soooo cute although the blanket trim on his back is a bit weird.

Also I don’t believe (correct me if I’m wrong) I ever posted about this guy:

That’s Gandalf. I’m not entirely sure when I got him but it was some time recently. I think.

And I finally have a name for this lovely lady:



Hurray! They all have names and the family is reunited!


They do need shownames so my question for you is this. What beautiful name can each of them have as a showname?


Minki ♥

Happy Birthday StableStoreys!

Wow. I can’t believe that I managed to maintain a blog for a whole year! I am so thankful to my followers, family, and friends for all supporting me in this and for regularly checking my blog out. |Although there is a friend who could maybe pay a little more attention to their emails… You know who you are ;)|

Happy Birthday!.jpg

I of course intend for my blog to continue for several more years, hopefully till I am an adult! But even if it doesn’t I want you guys to know that I love you and am so grateful to you all.


Minki ♥

Lots And Lots Of Horses

Hello!!! So since Christmas I haven’t been feeling that good in health. But now I am a bit better and thought I would do this long needed post.

Back in October my very good penfriend Elf got me a Schleich horse.

That’s Barley. He is soooooooooooo super cute and I am sooooooooo happy to have him. He needs a showname so I would be delighted if you guys could help me out.

Then in November I had twelve pounds birthday money and thought I would treat myself.

That’s Demeter and Atlas. You saw them in my Two New Horses video but I thought I should include them in this post.

And then of course we have just had Christmas so my brilliant grandma got me three new horses!

They all need names and shownames but look at them!!! The Trakehen Mare is from 2001!!! She is vintage! She is rare! And the Percheron Mare is just beautiful! Sorry I’m getting a bit carried away 🙂

So yeah. Very happy about all that. My friend Elva also got me a horse but it’s one I already have. So she’s going to give me the receipt and I’ll exchange it. And then I’ll have another horse! I think I have over fifty now #D SO MANY PONIES……..

Love Ya!

Minki ♥

My Christmas Barn Tour Special

Well hello everybody! This is an exciting post. Today I am posting a video of my barn this month as it is all Christmasy. The usual monthly barn tour but with a Christmasy touch. Enjoy!



Sorry there’s not much writing, I’m not at home so don’t really have the time to sit and type for ages 😦

Anyway I hope you enjoed and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Love ya!

Merry Christmas!!!




Ok so sorry its a bit late, I’ve been really busy going to a 1D concert and a Halloween party.

It’s not very good I promise next year will be better.



WP_20151102_16_16_45_ProWP_20151102_16_16_30_ProWP_20151102_16_16_11_ProWP_20151102_16_16_21_ProWP_20151102_16_17_10_ProWP_20151102_16_17_23_Pro WP_20151102_16_17_30_ProWP_20151102_16_17_47_ProWP_20151102_16_17_38_Pro

Here are some of those those photos with filters on. I recently got a smart phone with amazing filter generator.

So yeah! That’s about it.

Minki ♥