Hide and Seek


Call out. Call loud: ‘I’m ready! Come and find me!’
The sacks in the toolshed smell like the seaside.
They’ll never find you in this salty dark,
But be careful that your feet aren’t sticking out.
Wiser not to risk another shout.
The floor is cold. They’ll probably be searching
The bushes near the swing. Whatever happens
You mustn’t sneeze when they come prowling in.
And here they are, whispering at the door;
You’ve never heard them sound so hushed before.
Don’t breathe. Don’t move. Stay dumb. Hide in your blindness. They’re moving closer,  someone stumbles, mutters;
Their words and laughter scuffle, and they’re gone.
But don’t come out just yet; they’ll try the lane
And then the greenhouse and back here again.
They must be thinking that you’re very clever,
Getting more puzzled as they search all over.
It seems a long time since they went away.
Your legs are stiff, the cold bites through your coat;
The dark damp smell of sand moves in your throat.
It’s time to let them know that you’re the winner.
Push off the sacks. Uncurl and stretch. That’s better!
Out of the shed and call to them: ‘I’ve won!
Here I am! Come and own up I’ve caught you!’
The darkening garden watches. Nothing stirs.
The bushes hold their breath; the sun is gone.
Yes, here you are. But where are they who sought you?



Hello Everyone!

Look at me, two weeks posting in a row! I honselty have shocked myself XD

Sooo! I decided to post the above poem by Vernon Scannell today as I love it.  As I am taking English Literature, I am currently reading a lot of poems and although I’m not a big fan of poetry this one really grabbed my liking.

I also thought that it was appropriate as it is slightly creepy and spooky; perfect for this time of the year 😉

I’m not going to do an analysis today as I honestly hate analysing poems but if I do write one in my lessons, I will post it.

What do you think of Hide and Seek? Does it make you shiver a little at the end? It does me.

Sorry for the weird, short post guys, I’m short of time.

What are your plans for Halloween? What are you dressing up as?

I, myself am going to be sat at home, alone, possibly carving a pumpkin alone as I have no friends who can come over. :‚(



Minki ♥



Hello everyone!

Just a little bonus post here. I would absolutely love it if you guys could just take a couple of minutes out of your day to take part in this survey. It just asks some questions about your thoughts on this blog. Please be honest, I need the feedback 😉


Thankyou to all of you who take the time to fill this out, your say matters a lot to me.


Minki ♥

Interviewing: Tabi Bee

Hello everybody!
Today I have a very special post for you. Well it’s special in my opinion. I have done a collaboration with Tabi Bee!

We decided to do a casual interview for you guys to read. Sooo I hope you enjoy!


Hey Tabi!
Hey Minki!

So tell me, why did you decide to start your blog Busy Bee?
I had a website before, but it was a bit of a random mess…soo after watching a crafty programme where someone on there was a craft/DIY blogger I think I just sort of decided that’s what I wanted to do because I love creating things!

Awesome! How did you come up with Busy Bee as the name of the blog?
I actually have a whole post on this, but to put it short- ages ago I used to always make little magazines with crafty stuff in them, and I called it Busy Bee, but also because I’m always making things and being creative 🙂

How do you come up with ideas for blog posts and which post is your favourite so far?
Hmm this is a tricky one because it’s normally something completely random that has popped into my head- but I like to write them all down in the notes app for when I don’t know what to write haha

I was wondering, what do you use to create your post title images?
I use Canva- it is free and super amazing!

Cool, I’ll remember that. Now. IMPORTANT QUESTION! Do you watch much YouTube and if so what channels do you watch?
If I’m watching YouTube it’s normally a lot of DIY channels and vloggers

Same! Ok other than your blog what social media sites do you use if any?
I have:
Instagram page >>https://www.instagram.com/tabithebear/

Pinterest>> https://uk.pinterest.com/tabithebear/

Twitter >> https://twitter.com/Tabithebear

Bloglovin>> https://www.bloglovin.com/@tabibear

Go follow her guys! So what kind of music do you listen to?
Pop? Things like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, I also love Despacito (who doesn’t ahah)

Do you think social media is affecting young people’s mental health and/or making young people more self-conscious?
I feel like it can do /and does a lot, because of all the pressure to have it and get likes/follows etc, but it can also have a positive impact on a lot of people too by discussing politics, for example, and finding inspiration.

Do you think it’s important that people using technology like us bloggers, think about how technology can be sustainable for the future or do you think that that’s the job of the companies that manufacture the technology?
I think it’s definitely up to EVERYone to do what they can to protect the future- especially when it comes to electronics, even the little things like turning off your devices when they’re not in use, and dimming the screens when they aren’t needed.

What are you views on global warming and how do you think we as a society should be dealing with it?
As a lot of my followers already know, I am so so passionate about the environment- and believe that we should all and CAN all help to do small things each day that add up and make a huge impact. As a society we should be not ignoring what is going on-  and thinking that ‘charities and other people can handle it’, but actually going out and making the difference.

Ok time for some this or that questions

Cats or Dogs?
Catsss ^-^

Books or Movies?

Drawing or Photography?
Drawing 100% – I might not even have anything to photograph if it wasn’t for drawing! 

Beach or Forest?
Forest! I love forests and trees 😉

Cactuses or Succulents?

Would you rather:

Be in a cave of Spiders or Snakes?
Snakes – spiders would be crawling all over you (agh) but honestly neither !!

Speak any language fluently or be able to speak to animals?
Omg?! Be able to speak to animals! It would be amazing to know what they think and they can understand you!

Have Wings or a Tail?
Wings – when I was really little i always wanted to be able to fly without wings, but wings are fine hehe 😉

Have no Elbows or no Knees?
No knees – you could still walk just a bit differently!

Own a Rabbit sized Elephant or an Elephant sized Rabbit?
A RABBIT SIZED ELEPHANT WOULD BE THE CUTEST THING. And i think an elephant-sized rabbit might squish me…!!

I agree. A rabbit sized elephant should be a thing. The Pygmy Elephant!!!


Tabi, thankyou so much for answering my questions! 

It has been SO fun, so thank YOU for interviewing with me!

It’s been so nice working with you 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post everybody, I have loved putting it together.
Tabi’s blog Busy Bee is such an amazing place so you should so go over there 🙂 She has done a post interviewing me here so check that out.

I will resume my usual posting schedule on Saturday, so see ya all then!



New project part one

I decided I need a place to keep my Breyer’s that isn’t just a boring old shelf. So I decided to convert one of my shelves into a stable! It’s going to have three stalls and perhaps a loft. Probably not though 🙂 Here is how I have been getting along so far:

Phase 1
The original shelf
Phase 2
The ”Back Wall”
Phase 3
Ooooo look…… A wall?

Sorry about the bad quality pictures. So yeah! Ill update you as soon as anything exciting happens!

A Change/Sneek Peek

Ok. I have decided to move stuff around in my second room and change stuff a bit. Now sadly it’s not nice enough in there to show you but I have thought of a way to kind of show you a bit without you being able to see everything properly. So here is the sneek peek to my new room.


Thats just a little bit of it. Also here is a little thing of what is on the wall in one place: Pictures onthe wall

So yeah. When the rom is all lovely I will do a video tour and post it on youtube. And link to it 🙂

A great big post made up of lots of little posts.

Ok hello! So as you may have gathered this is a rather long post. Lets get straight to it. Here are some pictures of the wash stall and Arabian halter I mentioned in a recent post and a rug I’ve made for Frost:

I am going away on friday and needed something to take my horses in and something to put all my tack in so I got to work and made these:

Transport-Box-Closed Transport-Box-Open Transport-Box-Horses

The tack box needs some more work on it inside and out.

I also have finished my lunging roller and it now looks like this:

Rather pleased with that 🙂 Sorry I am being so quick with my sentences, it’s because I am being timed.

I have lately been rather into customising. I had a pair of the lovely Schleich Pinto Mare so I decided to give my rather beat up one a bit of a makeover.



The Custom is nowhere near being finished but when she is I promise to post.

Now last of all I have decided to start a series of Photo Story’s made up of models. And here is the first one.

Gate crasher.

One gloomy day several mares and foals gathered together in the forest.


Among them was a little foal called Bonny. She was a Shetland and so she was quite small compared to the other foals there. While the mothers all chatted together the three larger foals all ganged up on poor little Bonny.



Suddenly a scary black stallion appeared charging down a nearby hill.


The foals all scattered, terrified that Thunder the stallion would crush them under his powerful hooves.


Mares and foals ran everywhere as Thunder reared up into the air.

DSCF3957 DSCF3960

Thunder winnied and reared as the mares hurried their foals to safety.

DSCF3961 DSCF3962DSCF3963

But all Thunder really wanted was to join in the fun!

Hope you enjoyed!

New Project

Ok so in January I said I had a project of making some rugs. Well that kinda flopped. But now I have been making up for it. You have seen the two halters I made the other day and since then I have made another Arabian halter and a wash stall complete with shelf, tie ups and hose. But now I have started another project.

To make a Lunging Roller.

It’s made of blue leather and bronze jump-rings. And of course it’s Schleich scale.

I have managed to make the top half except for two D-rings. Now all that needs doing is the bottom and the buckles. ”Groan”. I hate making buckles! Here are some pictures of that and some other stuff I made today. Sorry about the terrible quality photos. Electric light is not the best.

Lunging Roller:

On the Horse                                                                    Flat


Other stuff

Pale Pink Headcollar and Leadrope Off                       Old Rose Headcollar and Leadrope Off

DSCF3826 DSCF3825

Pale Pink Headcollar and Leadrope On                      Old Rose Headcollar and Leadrope On


Fly Fringe Off (I didn’t make head collar)                     Fly Fringe On (I didn’t make head collar)

DSCF3823 DSCF3824

January and Plans

January is definitely the worst month. It’s cold, it’s miserable and in my case there is no snow. The ideal month to be getting on with things for a model horse yard. You’d think. I can guarantee that it is quite the opposite. I have so much that I want to do but every time I think of starting something I just say  ‘nah, I’ll do another time’  So instead I ”Plan” to do all these projects. Now that I have started a blog, I am also going to start doing the things that I think of. So Number One Project is to make a load of decent rugs.

Something a bit like this:

images And not like this:  il_340x270.704228710_fs9w

These are not my pictures I just found them on the internet 🙂 Some of my less brilliant rugs look like the one in the second picture though. So anyway that is my project number one and the next time I post hopefully I will have at least one rug to show you 🙂