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Gallery/Image Title Tutorial

Good evening! So a couple of days ago I told a fellow blogger that I would make this post so they could create gallery's  🙂 So here goes! Step One: In page/post writer choose ''Insert content'' Step Two: Select the image/s you want to edit and click the button ''Edit'' Step Three: Highlight the ''Image… Continue reading Gallery/Image Title Tutorial

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Model horse Numnah/Saddle Pad tutorial

How to make a Numnah/Saddle Pad. Note: This numnah/Saddle Pad is scaled to Schleich models. You will need A cotton cloth such as muslin or such the like. DON'T USE JERSEY! A slightly furry fabric such as Chenille or Velvet. A glue gun. A meter of cord, wool or ribbon A good black pen Scissors… Continue reading Model horse Numnah/Saddle Pad tutorial


Organizing Your Yard’s Horses Tutorial

How to organize your yard's horses. You will need: An A4 ring binder. However many pieces of paper you will need to match the amount of horses you have. A ruler A pencil A hole punch A lot of patience. Step One. Get your piece of paper and punch two holes on one side in… Continue reading Organizing Your Yard’s Horses Tutorial