Gallery/Image Title Tutorial

Good evening!

So a couple of days ago I told a fellow blogger that I would make this post so they could create gallery’s  🙂 So here goes!

Step One:

In page/post writer choose ”Insert content”Screenshot_2017-04-01_15-58-27

Step Two:

Select the image/s you want to edit and click the button ”Edit”Screenshot_2017-04-01_15-59-15

Step Three:

Highlight the ”Image title”.Screenshot_2017-04-01_15-59-50

Step Four:

Type your new title and then click ”←Media Library”Screenshot_2017-04-01_16-00-24

Step Five

Select all images you wish to add to the gallery and click ”Continue”Screenshot_2017-04-01_16-02-10

Step Six

In the drop down menu ”Layout” choose ”Tiled Mosaic” and then click the button ”Insert”Screenshot_2017-04-01_16-03-04

Step Seven

Continue writing post/page as normal.Screenshot_2017-04-01_16-03-36.png

Step Eight

Publish! And there you go! When you hover over the images they should have the title that you chose.Screenshot_2017-04-01_16-04-36

Hope that helped 🙂


Minki ♥





Model horse Numnah/Saddle Pad tutorial

How to make a Numnah/Saddle Pad.

Note: This numnah/Saddle Pad is scaled to Schleich models.

You will need
A cotton cloth such as muslin or such the like. DON’T USE JERSEY!
A slightly furry fabric such as Chenille or Velvet.
A glue gun.
A meter of cord, wool or ribbon
A good black pen
A template
Skillful fingers


Step one


Get your template and draw around it on your cotton cloth on the side that you don’t want visible. Then cut it out. Do the same on the furry fabric.


Step Two

Making sure you put the two drawn on sides together and use the glue gun the stick the pieces together at the edge. You should now have one saddle-shaped piece of fabric withe different sides. Check that there are no holes where you might have missed withe glue gun.


Step Three

Take your cord, wool or ribbon and using the glue gun lay it around the edge of the numnah. make sure that is visible from the furry side but don’t put the glue on that side. When you reach the end trim it and put a dab of glue on both ends to seal them.

DSCF2873 DSCF2874 DSCF2875 DSCF2876 DSCF2878 DSCF2877

Step Four

Make sure it fits under the saddle on your horse. You can make as many as you want. Why not try different patterns on the furry fabric? Just keep the patterns to the right scale. Otherwise you’ll get a numnah with stripes bigger than your horse 😉




Organizing Your Yard’s Horses Tutorial

How to organize your yard’s horses.

You will need:
An A4 ring binder.
However many pieces of paper you will need to match the amount of horses you have.
A ruler
A pencil
A hole punch
A lot of patience.


Step One.

Get your piece of paper and punch two holes on one side in the middle using the hole punch. Using the ruler draw one short line at the top and ten long lines across the page starting your line after the holes.


Step Two

Then on each line write these characteristics in this order:

Colour         Markings
Sire                Dam
Block No

At the end of each word draw a little motif. You can use anything you want. I use a flower cause my yard’s name has a flower in it.


Step Three

Fill your form in with the horse’s stable name at the top on the short line. For the Colour and Markings and the Sire and Dam just fill in as usual. The only reason they are on the same lines is because they relate to each other and so that you don’t need more lines. At the bottom of the page write the:
Year, Month, purchaser


Step Four

Put the piece of paper into the ring binder making sure it’s in the right place according to the alphabet. For instance if you have a horse called Thunder it goes with the other horses whose names beginning with T.


And there you have it. Your very own Stable Yard’s Horses Organizer. And the great thing about it is that you can just keep adding to it.