Horses, Hounds & Hunting

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Slightly Different

Hello Everybody!

Today’s post is slightly different.

I was looking through Pinterest  when I found something amazing.

I love miniatures and also architecture. So miniature houses really excite me.

And this really really really excited me:

Modern House 2 by Jim Magni and Joan Behnke

It’s so amazing!!! ☼.☼ (。♥‿♥。)

I want it so bad!

I don’t think i have ever mentioned this before but I love to watch MyFroggyStuff on YouTube.

Her minitures are amazing and I have made some great stuff under her instruction.

towaco5oh recently shared a post with a couple of videos in it.

The channel thay came from is: The Square to Spare. There are some really good crafts on there that I may have to have a look at following.

This is my fave that I’ve looked at so far. I also love the below one.

Anyways sorry for the short post. I don’t have much time on my hands.


Minki ♥



This was supposed to go up four days ago but due to my inability to be on time, here ya go. Four days late :/

Hello Everybody!

Once again I find myself apologising profusely for my terrible posting. (or lack of)

October and November have been ridiculously busy for me as I have had parties to attend, a house to help sort out, a mouse got into my bedroom so I had to clear it out and I’ve only just started putting everything back in and I have also been deciding which GCSEs to take and sorting out when I am taking them.

But that’s all boring any you don’t need to know! So on with the post >

I love Autumn. It’s one of my favourite seasons as all the colours, smells and events are so nice. Plus it’s the season in wich my birthday falls ≧◡≦

At the end of October this year my friend Elva invited me along with some of our other friends to her annual Halloween party. One of the other friends is an amazing wood-carver/whitteler and she ever so kindly offered to whittle me a wand as I was going as Bellatrix Lestrange. When I got to the party and she presented me the wand I very nearly died. It is absolutely beautiful!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am a big lover of Lush an in September I went in and bought myself some treats including their pumpkin bathbomb. So of course on the morning of the Halloween party I had to use it ♥‿♥

Little Cutie :3

Then of course it was bonfire night and once again Elva invited me and a load of other friends to her Bonfire Night party. Amazing food, fire and millions of fireworks just about sums it up (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Here is a video compilation of photos and clips I took throughout Autumn. Enjoy!


Annoyingly WordPress has changed their ways and now I can’t insert videos without a premium plan :[ So I have to do a link.

Autumn 2016


Minki ♥

My Christmas Barn Tour Special

Well hello everybody! This is an exciting post. Today I am posting a video of my barn this month as it is all Christmasy. The usual monthly barn tour but with a Christmasy touch. Enjoy!



Sorry there’s not much writing, I’m not at home so don’t really have the time to sit and type for ages 😦

Anyway I hope you enjoed and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Love ya!

Merry Christmas!!!



Some New Ponys

Hello Everybody!

Now I have been very bad and let my collection of horses grow. That parts fine. The bad part is that I haven’t shown any of them to you guys!

I have three new models and one of them is from my birthday which was at the beginning of October. The other two are from November. So yeah. Sorry about that :/

But I suppose it means that now I can do a great big blog post. YAY!!!! 😀

Here is a video introducing the two November ones. After Christmas I promise I will do one with the October pony in it.


A Very Awkward Post. Also A Very Festive Post.

Hi everybody. I’m um, well, um, I’m really sorry about, well, umm, you know. Not blogging for over a month. :/ I kind of got a bit busy with other stuff.


But anyway!!! I’m back now and it’s Christmas and I need to do Christmas stuff for you so here is a little video of me decorating a tree.


So yeah. I hope you enjoyed that, That it put you in the christmas mood if you aren’t already and that maybe it was helpful to any of you needing to decorate a tree for your yard.


Minki ♥

A first for me!

Soooo I know I’ve kind of been a long time coming but this post is big. Realy big

Its my first yard tour video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And its slightly rubbish!!! 😀

So sorry for the fuzzy sound, bad focus, my boring voise, ect…

But here it is… With the longest title ever….

Bluebell Wood Equstrian Yard Tour July 2015

Hope you enjoyed and I know it’s late but nothing’s changed. I’ll do another hopfuly better one ASAP


Minki ♥