25 thoughts on “Mares”

        1. Ooooohhhh! Ooops sorry XD

          When you insert images you can select multiple images. This is called a gallery. In the gallery you can choose your layout such as: individual images, slideshow, tiled mosaic and so on.

          Hope that helps, sorry I’m not the best at description :/


            1. When creating the gallery I named each picture with the horses names. I don’t know if you can still do it that way though 😦


                1. Hummm. Yeah, you can edit the photos names in wordpress. Tell you what. I will post a tutorial on Saturday with pictures cause I can’t explain properly in words.


    1. If you’re still looking for name suggestions for your models I have some ideas:
      Moonflower – Flor de Luna(‘moon flower’ in Spanish), Luna Flora, Flower of the Moon
      Ice – Winter Icicle, Ice Sculpture, Dancing Ice
      Asita – Means “Tranquil; dark, blue; warm, hot” in Sanskrit so maybe ‘Tranquil Heat’, ’Dark Tranquillity’
      Flicka – means “Girl/Maiden” in Swedish, so maybe ‘Swedish Girl’, ‘Little Girl’, ‘Swedish Maiden’
      Poppy – Remembrance Day, Remember Me, For the Veterans, Poppy Fields, Scarlet Poppy
      And name ideas for ?-?:
      Whinny -You Win Again
      Breezy – Windswept
      Flower – Wildflower
      Blaze – Wildfire
      Velocity – Terminal Velocity
      Twinkle – Star Bright
      Sunrise – Rising Sun
      Tawny – Tawny Owl
      Toffee – Toffee Apple
      Sierra – Sierra Nevada
      Saffron – Yellow Flower
      Maple – Wild Maple

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      1. Wow thankyou! That is a lot of name ideas! I love Dark Tranquillity, Ice Sculpture, Flor de Luna, and Scarlet Poppy. They are realy nice. Thankyou for this 🙂


  1. Hey! I have the same Andalusian mare! The one with the braided mane and tail; mine is named Luna (after “Lunar” cuz she is the color of the moon)


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